VIP Customer Service

Email Authentication

One way we maintain high delivery rates.

From email authentication to managing relationships with all the major ISPs, JangoMail works with you and behind the scenes to ensure you have the highest delivery possible. If you’re having delivery issues, our team will work with you to help pinpoint the source of the problem.

JangoMail offers 100% branding control with the option to send from your branded domain. We work with you to include JangoMail in your SPF record, which helps to authenticate your email message when you send using another provider. It’s also important to setup DomainKeys/DKIM, which helps protect the content of your message between sending by JangoMail and receiving by your recipient. Setting up a custom tracking domain helps brand your message even further and helps protect your delivery reputation.

We help you stay compliant with U.S. CAN-SPAM with our unsubscribe process and optional confirmed opt-in process.

JangoMail participates in feedback loops with all major email providers (AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, etc.) These feedback loops let you know when messages are marked as SPAM so you can refine your messages and your email list.

JangoMail distributes the messages being sent through our service over a large number of servers in multiple locations. This prevents backups during heavy sending periods and allows us to add additional servers as needed. Having our servers in multiple locations lessens the possibility that a physical problem could cause any disruption to our customer’s sending. JangoMail has real-time 24-hour monitoring of our network by experienced email server administrators.