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Editors: Simple Editor for sending your own HTML Source Code

Editors: Simple Editor for sending your own HTML Source Code

If you have your own HTML source code, designed outside of the JangoMail interface, you may definitely use JangoMail to send your message. If you intend to use your own code, we recommend strongly against using either of JangoMail's built-in HTML editors, because different editors can create conflicting code and unpredictable results.

Please make sure that all URLs (either links or image references) are full URLs and not references to either local files or relative references (as a web site makes). See the Note below for additional details.

  • Go to Messages -> New Message -> with a New Blank Message.
  • Click on the Settings icon and make sure the Simple editor is selected.
  • Set your Subject, From Address, Display Name (on the From tab) as you wish.
  • Go to your HTML source code. Make sure you are viewing it as raw code so that you are viewing the tags (normally this would be in Notepad or the HTML view of your HTML program). Copy your HTML code.
  • Go back into JangoMail and paste your HTML code into the HTML Box. Do not switch to any other HTML editor. All editors code in their own particular way. Our tool may not be compatible and could modify your code in an unexpected fashion.
  • Continue selecting the other options in all of the tabs as appropriate, address your message, and send as you normally would.

You may include any personalization code and any special JangoMail URLs (unsubscribe, forward-to-friend, etc.) within the code you generate. Use our personalization syntax or our URLs exactly. For more information, review our documentation.

Note: Any file references need to be full URLs of the file’s web location. It is common for programs to default to local or relative referencing. Make sure you check both links and image tags. Some examples follow:

Good: <IMG src="">
Bad: <IMG src="/images/myimage.jpg">
Bad: <IMG src="file://c:/myfolder/myimage.jpg">
Good: <A href="">
Bad: <A href="/index.htm">

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 Last Updated: 10.20.14 AE