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DomainKeys/DKIM with GoDaddy

DomainKeys/DKIM with GoDaddy

Using a domain key (similar to DKIM) helps protect the content of your message between sending by JangoMail and receiving by your recipient.

The steps below use GoDaddy as the hosting provider. If not using GoDaddy, the exact steps to get your domain’s DNS editor or control panel will no doubt differ, but overall, you have some means of making or editing entries in your DNS settings. A control panel/interface named cPanel is commonly used, so if you’re not sure where to start and you see cPanel, that will be your entry point into editing your DNS settings. From there, you would look for something like a zone editor.

Note: There are a few providers who use their own custom editor interface, so if you can’t figure out where to go, contact Support and we’ll help you with the edits. And not to complicate matters, but there are some providers who don’t allow you to add a TXT record, and if you find that’s the case, you’ll have to contact support at your provider (or put us in touch with your point of contact).

The image below is from a cPanel layout (HostMonster, as an example, uses this).

When everything is finished (including adding an SPF record), the entries should look like this (the basic information shown, not necessarily this exact layout):

Using GoDaddy as an example, where you have already gone into your JangoMail and generated a new domain key in Settings under the Sending and Receiving section, view the key settings of your key and copy the key value into your clipboard via Ctrl-C so you can paste in later within your zone editor.

In new window/tab that appears in your browser, copy the entirety of the “Value” field: