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Database Connectivity

Send Email by Connecting to Your Database in Real-Time

One of JangoMail’s most unique features is our ability to connect to a variety of database platforms in real-time.
JangoMail can talk to your database and pull out the information you need to send a mass email.

Using JangoMail’s database connectivity features, you will not have to maintain your data in more than one place. You can continue to maintain your data in your own database, and JangoMail will “talk” to it as necessary.

JangoMail can connect to internet website databases.

JangoMail can synchronize data with your database in real-time. Unsubscribe requests, bounces, opens, clicks can all be synced in real time. By doing this you can send mass email campaigns based on your recipient’s past behavior. This means you could send an email to anyone in your database who opened an email, for example.

Allowing JangoMail to connect with your database is very safe. We don’t need you to open any database ports in your firewall. We don’t communicate directly with your database, we always use your web server as an intermediary.

JangoMail can connect live to a number of databases.