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JangoMail Salesforce© Integration

 Create, Send, Track Email Campaigns to Salesforce Contacts


JangoMail’s Salesforce Integration allows you to create, send, and track email campaigns to your Salesforce® Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns.  You can do so by clicking custom JangoMail buttons within your Salesforce® Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns tabs. JangoMail for Salesforce® works with Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Edition Salesforce® accounts.

To view the JangoMail for Salesforce® listing on the AppExchange® and to install it into your Salesforce® account, Get It Now.

What makes JangoMail’s Salesforce integration better than others on the AppExchange?

  • A better, more flexible integration. JangoMail is the only email marketing vendor that has built custom JangoMail “send” buttons that can be placed throughout the Salesforce® Contacts Tab, Leads Tab, and Campaigns Tab. From these tabs, you can easily select which Leads/Contacts you want to send to and then hit the JangoMail button. Next specify your Subject/Message and hit send. It’s that easy. Conversely, you can also query your Leads/Contacts from within JangoMail’s interface via the “Lists –> Databases” section. Whichever of the two approaches is easiest for you is what you should choose.
  • A JangoMail email history that shows up in your Salesforce® account when viewing a particular Contact or Lead. Get complete historical tracking information for each Contact/Lead, including what email campaigns the Contact/Lead received, and any actions taken, such as an open, click, unsubscribe, bounce, or forward.
  • Access to SMTP log files within your Salesforce® account lets you assess and verify
    email deliverability to any Contact or Lead.

And of course, there’s all the other features inherently a part of JangoMail, like Google Analytics integration, Email Rendering, Super Reporting, and much more.

Documentation and more information:
JangoMail for Salesforce® DataSheet (PDF)
JangoMail for Salesforce® Customization Guide (PDF)

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Note: When using the Professional edition and connecting to your Salesforce database as a web database, you must purchase the API option from Salesforce. The Professional edition of Salesforce does not come with the API feature enabled.

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