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Customer Testimonial – Wag N’ Wash®

Customer Testimonial – Wag N’ Wash® Natural Food & Bakery

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Wag N’ Wash® Natural Food & Bakery is a national franchise of locally-owned stores located throughout the US, and is the premier destination for all of your cat and dog needs. Within your neighborhood store, you will find a large variety of supplements, all natural pet foods, collars & leads, toys, supplies and unique goods you won’t find in other pet stores or chains. Additionally, all stores offer do-it-yourself dog wash stations and professional grooming services for their customers. As one of JangoMail’s growing clients, we wanted to know more about their business. We interviewed Sue Ager, Marketing Director of Wag N’ Wash. Here is what she said.

Q -Tell us about Wag N’ Wash®. Who are your clients? (We know the true clients are the pets, but we assume you have human clients who pay for the services.)
A- Our target demographic is women 25 – 54.

Q – What differentiates you from your competitors?
A – What differentiates Wag N’ Wash® from its competitors is every store has a self-service dog wash, full service grooming salon and an in-store bakery. The bakery offers gourmet biscuits, meat loaves, muffins, cupcakes and custom birthday cakes, all from human grade ingredients. We like to focus on the parts of the business that can’t be done online.

Q – As part of your overall Marketing strategy and in addition to email marketing, what are other types of marketing does Wag N’ Wash® do?
A – On a national level, in addition to email marketing, we use many aspects of social media, direct mail and we have multiple Google Ad Words campaigns per store. Individual stores use television, radio, direct mail, movie theater advertising, print and other hyperlocal opportunities.

Q – What results have you received by using JangoMail as an Email Service Provider?
A – We send over 135,000 emails per month and track our open rates very carefully. We also track which subjects garner the most “opens.” We are very happy that our open rates are above the industry average.

Q – What do you like most about JangoMail?

A – We have had very few problems with our JangoMail campaigns. When we have experienced an issue, it has been resolved very quickly so we can get back to supporting our franchise stores in acquiring repeat business. At JangoMail’s suggestion we created a master database for all stores. It gives us the option to send the same message to all addresses if desired or we can filter and send by location. It is far easier to manage one list.

Q – What has surprised you the most or made you the happiest since partnering with JangoMail?
A – We did a campaign for our Seattle / Queen Anne location in 2017. It was sent to customers who had not been in recently for professional grooming services. Within hours the salon was booked out for three weeks.

JangoMail enjoys working with clients like Wag N’ Wash because we help them grow their business through email and digital marketing. Contact us today to discuss your marketing needs or to sign up for a free trial.