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Custom Tracking Domain

Setting up a custom tracking domain is one of the easiest ways to improve your email deliverability for broadcast and transactional email campaigns.

What is a tracking domain?

A tracking domain is the domain used in various tracking mechanisms, such as the open tracking, click tracking and forward-to-friend tracking. It is present throughout the HTML portion of your email campaign. Without a custom tracking domain, a system default domain is used, such as If you set up a custom tracking domain, based on your organization's domain, then the domain might look like

Why is setting up a custom tracking domain important?

It allows your domain to establish its own reputation with email receivers, not associated with the JangoMail system as a whole. By setting up your own, you can isolate yourself and ensure higher deliverability. Additionally, your emails will be further branded around your own organization, not the email service provider.

How do you set up a custom tracking domain?

First, choose the domain you'd like to use for your tracking domain. If your domain is, then setting up makes for the perfect tracking domain.

Second, an entry needs to be made in your DNS (Domain Name Server) system. You can do this yourself if you have access or you may need to contact the technical person who manages your domain. You need to modify your DNS settings such that you create a CNAME record for your chosen domain to alias to

Lastly, enter your tracking domain in JangoMail by going to Settings → Tracking → Tracking Domain. Detailed instructions are also on the Settings/Tracking Domain page under About Tracking Domain. 

After completing this final step, you will notice that your custom tracking domain will now appear in the URL for click tracked links, in the open tracking pixel reference, and in other places throughout your HTML email campaigns.


A custom tracking domain is one of several steps you should take to fully set up your email deliverability.