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Custom Tracking Domain with GoDaddy

These are instructions for setting up a Custom Tracking Domain with GoDaddy. For more information on Custom Tracking Domains, go here.

Log in to your account there and go to Products → Domains → Manage Now → select your domain → click the DNS Zone File tab, and then click the Edit button. In the Zone File Editor, in the CNAME section, add an alias of track (or whatever you’d like to use, such as x), and in the “Points to” field, enter Save your work/settings.

You may see a message about waiting an hour to 48 hours, but this usually takes place within a minute or so.

Example information message:

You may test almost immediately. Do this by entering "" in a browser. You should see the following:

When you use a Custom Tracking Domain, the URL for the hyperlink looks “better” because it has your domain or brand in it, as opposed to ours. If you do not use a tracking domain, a URL will begin with something like (that is not necessarily an actual URL, but you get the idea of what it looks like). With a tracking domain, recipients will see

Next: insert your custom tracking domain URL into your JangoMail account.


Example domain

Using a domain of, you can see the DNS values at (select the DNS Records radio button, enter, and click Go, or use this link).

The Custom Tracking Domain is, so if you enter that, you will see entries for (under the Answer records section). You can also enter in a browser (or just click the link), and it will take you to the landing page.


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