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Create an Opt-In Form for Your Email List

Create an opt-in form so that your new subscribers can easily join your list.  The form can be hosted by us or you can generate HTML code and host the opt-in form yourself.  Simply follow the steps below to create your own website sign up form.

Important Note: For a form with more fields than just "Email Address", you must first add new fields to your list. Interested in a more dynamic sign up form with pull down choices, radio buttons, or large comment boxes? This tutorial explains how to edit fields for just that!


  1. Navigate to Lists and click on the list for which you would like to create an opt-in form.
  2. On the Tools quick link bar, click on Create a website Opt-In Form under List Tools.
  3. Select your preferences on the 4 tabs provided and click Update Opt-In Form to preview your email signup form. (Note: If you can't at first see the changes, click twice on the Update button.)
  4. When you are happy with your opt-in form design, you may view it live by clicking the View the live opt-in form link. This will pop up a window with the opt-in form. You may copy the URL in this window and link to it from you website and emails.
  5. Alternatively, you may copy the HTML code and add this form to your own site.  To grab the HTML code, click the Give me HTML Code link.

Here is an example of a working opt-in form, utilizing multiple field options.


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