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How to choose an email service provider, or ESP.

How to Choose an Email Service Provider

Tips on how to select an ESP.

Email is one of the most important tools businesses can use to grow. Whether it’s sending mass marketing emails to increase sales, transactional emails after a sale has been completed or 1:1 email communication to build customer relationships. Marketing emails are an important tool to help businesses of all sizes grow.

Email marketing is not the challenging task it once was. Most email marketing companies offer a variety of solutions to fit small to large businesses. Small businesses and entrepreneurs may enjoy easy to use templates and user interfaces that make sending emails easy. While larger businesses create their own HTML and send emails via API calls.

Before looking at platforms it’s important to first consider what your business is trying to accomplish. What types of emails will you be sending? Bulk messages, automatic replies, or transactional messages? Consider the technical expertise that you already have in house vs. what you will be looking for from the platform you choose.

Figure out how many contacts you have currently and what your average send volume is. Pricing is generally based on how many emails you send per month or the number of contacts you have. Keep in mind the amount of growth you expect in the future. Most services will allow you to switch tiers as necessary, but you will want to keep that information in mind before committing to a plan. Some email marketing companies offer a free trial and that can be a good way to get started and test the company’s offerings.

These tips should help your team beginning the search for the best email marketing service in the industry. It’s something your company shouldn’t have to do often and most executives could only need to go through this search once or twice in their career. So we hope this guide is handy.


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JangoMail is an email marketing company whose core product is at the forefront of the email marketing industry. JangoMail offers services for transactional and mass marketing emails. Features like autoresponders make it easy to set up automatic response emails. HTML e-mail templates and our WYSIWYG editor make constructing emails easy for beginners. While our sending features, like SMTP relay, database connections and API make us a favorite among programmers. JangoMail offers a variety of reporting and tracking features that make measuring success easy.

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