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Good and Bad Unsubscribe Techniques

By: Ajay GoelFounder, Chairman When I first founded JangoMail, I would subscribe to as many newsletters as I possibly could, in order to check out the “Powered by …” tagline at the bottom of emails to gauge which companies are using which email marketing services.  It helped me keep an eye on the competition.  Recently, […]

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New Gmail Unsubscribe Implementation

By: Chris ReiboldSenior Email Analyst Google has started displaying unsubscribe links at the top of messages in its popular web client for Gmail: Essentially, Gmail looks for the List-Unsubscribe header and pulls the information, displaying the above hyperlink next to the sender address. As a measure of security, DKIM/Domainkeys is verified before the link is displayed […]

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New Feature: A two-step unsubscribe process

We’ve added a new setting under Settings –> Unsubscribes, that allows you to ask your recipient to confirm intent to unsubscribe after clicking the unsubscribe link in an email campaign. By enabling the two-step unsubscribe process, a recipient that clicks the unsubscribe link will be taken to a web page where he needs to click […]

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