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Command Center: JangoMail Social Media and Facebook

One of JangoMail’s advanced capabilities is its integration with Facebook and other social media.  JagoMail’s Enterprise level email campaign manager can auto-share email campaigns with social media and Facebook.  This feature increases the audience reach of a marketing campaign or message beyond email. Email campaigns can also be shared with Twitter and Google Plus.  Facebook […]

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Leverage Your Reports Part 3: Social Media

This week I’ll continue our series on leveraging your reports to improve your email campaigns by addressing social media. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use social media and social networking data to improve your email campaigns. Use Social Networking Data With JangoMail, you can add publically available data from Facebook to […]

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New Feature: Social Sharing Links

We have added Social Media Sharing Links to our Enhanced HTML Editor. You can instantly add buttons to your emails to Share via Facebook, Twitter, Google and  MySpace. There are two ways to add social media buttons: 1. Click on the new Facebook or Twitter icon in the Enhanced HTML Editor to instantly add a button. […]

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