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On Track With Jack: It’s Time to turn off EditLive

Hi JangoMail Users! It’s always hard to say goodbye, but it’s time to bid adieu to a special friend. We’ve had our ups and downs, but lately there have been mostly downs. Sometimes you just know when it’s time for someone to retire. With mixed emotions (but mostly excitement), I give you my tip for […]

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On Track With Jack: Happy New Year

Today is New Year’s Eve, which means 2013 is almost over. I have a confession, I tend to get a little emotional as I sit back and reflect on the year, but nothing that a little bubbly won’t cure. Top 10 JangoMail Blogs of 2013 10. Reconsider Email Attachments  9. No Joke: Email Marketing Grows   […]

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On Track With Jack: Use our TinyMCE (v3) Editor

Hi JangoMail Users! I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving. All of those carrots can be quite filling! Before I go down another rabbit hole, let’s take a look at my tip for the week: Use Our TinyMCE(v3) Editor Over the development of JangoMail we’ve offered three different editors: Simple, EditLive, […]

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New HTML Editor Option: TinyMCE is here!

We’ve just added a third choice of HTML editor to JangoMail, and it’s a crowd favorite: TinyMCE. TinyMCE is a lightweight, powerful JavaScript-based HTML editor that loads fast. We’ll continue to option our other two editors, the simple ActivEdit editor and the powerful Java-based EditLive editor as well. Most of the features we offered in […]

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