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On Track With Jack: The Importance of Plain Text

While sum-sum-summertime is here, don’t take a vacation from your email marketing!  There are a ton of great business opportunities to take advantage of – market them all with JangoMail.  Most recently, we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on deliverability, and I have something else to add into the mix this week: Always generate […]

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On Track With Jack: Email Deliverability

Happy early Thanksgiving JangoMail Users! Can you believe it?  Thanksgiving is next week, which also means that you are going to start sending your holiday emails.  Before you add the final touches, take a look at my tip, well question, of the week: Are you a Safe Sender? In this day and age, post Pilgrim […]

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Are You Heading Straight to Spam?

After all the work you put into your email campaigns, the least your emails could do is reach your recipients. Problem is, when you least expect it, they can miss the mark and hit the spam or junk folders. The unusual suspectsSo, what happened? Before you heavy foot it over to the IT department, consider […]

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