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On Track With Jack: The Importance of Plain Text

While sum-sum-summertime is here, don’t take a vacation from your email marketing!  There are a ton of great business opportunities to take advantage of – market them all with JangoMail.  Most recently, we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on deliverability, and I have something else to add into the mix this week: Always generate […]

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Command Center: Delivery Optimizer

By: Chris ReiboldSenior Email AnalystFor those of you who don’t know, JangoMail is based out of Dayton, Ohio and we are ranked as one of the 12 worst allergy cities to live in. With the dreaded pollen, I can only anticipate that our team of Jangolopes will be affected. However, I know we’ll get through it […]

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New Feature: Determine Size of Email Before Sending

You can now determine the size of your email message using the Spam Check tool on the Send Email page. Why would I care about the size of my email message? JangoMail measures both number of emails sent and total data bytes sent from your account. Both are a factor in your account’s pricing. Now, […]

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