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Getting The Full Benefit of vBulletin?

The first step to maximizing the effectiveness of using popular forum software packages, like vBulletin, is to enhance them through configuration with JangoMail or JangoSMTP. In case you’re unfamiliar with vBulletin, it’s a helpful forum software package that facilitates online community discussions on the topic your website is focused on. The system also sends a variety of emails: […]

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Consuming the JangoMail API in ASP.Net

It’s easy to start integrating the JangoMail API into your company’s .Net software. Start by adding a service reference to your project. Right click on the project in the solution explorer, then click “Add a Service Reference”. Under Address, enter and click “Go”. Then change the namespace to JangoMail and click “OK”. This will […]

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New SMTP Relay option to preserve custom headers

We have launched a new feature that will give you the option to preserve custom headers when using the JangoMail SMTP relay at To enable this option, go to Settings –> SMTP Relay, and check the Preserve Headers box. Enabling this option will preserve any custom headers that are a part of your original […]

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New API method to retrieve SMTP log for transactional email

We’ve launched a new API method to retrieve the SMTP log for a transactional email message. The method, Reports_GetSMTPLog_Transactional, is described in detail below. The method takes, as input parameters, the account username, password, and the numeric Transactional ID corresponding to the transactional email for which the SMTP Log should be retrieved. The method was […]

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You Can Now Use JangoMail’s SMTP Relay with Gmail

Gmail allows users to use a custom From Address to send emails, but some recipients would see both the From Address and the Gmail Sender Address. Messages would appear to recipients as “From On Behalf Of”. Gmail announced last week that users can now send with their custom domain through their company’s email […]

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Video Tutorials Now Available on Trackable SMTP Relay Configuration

JangoMail has two new Video Tutorials on configuring our SMTP Relay Service: 1. Using JangoMail SMTP Relay with a Desktop Email Client 2. Using JangoMail SMTP Relay on a Web Server Watch these to learn how to configure JangoMail’s SMTP Relay Service to work with a Desktop Email Client like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Lotus Notes […]

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