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Command Center: JangoMail Social Media and Facebook

One of JangoMail’s advanced capabilities is its integration with Facebook and other social media.  JagoMail’s Enterprise level email campaign manager can auto-share email campaigns with social media and Facebook.  This feature increases the audience reach of a marketing campaign or message beyond email. Email campaigns can also be shared with Twitter and Google Plus.  Facebook […]

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Customer Spotlight: iwerk

By: Melonie MotticeSenior Marketing Strategist Welcome to our first Customer Spotlight!  Each post you’ll have the chance to read about one of our customers that are making huge email marketing strides using JangoMail.  Learn what features they use most and what you can do to improve your own campaigns.  This week, I’ll introduce you to […]

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On Track With Jack: Email Over Snail Mail

Hi Jangolopes! Brrrrr…I thought the Ice Age was long gone, but I’m not sure after this week. Hibernation sounds pretty good right now, but with postage going up at the end of the month, there are so many emails to send! Turn the heat up on the polar vortex and read my tip of the […]

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Got a few cooks in the kitchen? Bring it – you’ve got JangoMail.

Managing multiple clients or in-house departments is child’s play using our cutting-edge email marketing features. Some of our clients’ favorites include the ability to create any campaign, capitalize on results reporting, and share out to as many or as few team members and partnering agencies as you want. Here’s how to do it: Create sub-accounts […]

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API Change: Timestamps returned from the Reports methods now in include time zone

In our latest update to the API, we decided to make a change in the way timestamps are returned. Previously, a call to Reports_Transactional_GetOpens_String for instance might return data like this:

That’s OK… but what timezone is that? The time being returned is ambiguous. Is that in the user’s local time? JangoMail time? Furthermore, […]

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Leverage your Reports into better email campaigns

At JangoMail, we’re all about email, of course. Compose your message, build in all the bells and whistles of personalization, send quickly and efficiently, and then watch the results come into your Reports. Reports, on the surface, contain really great information. At a glance, and in real time, I can watch my campaigns go out […]

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New Reporting Features: Click anywhere, filter instantly

We have launched a major reporting enhancement that makes it much easier to segment reporting data and send on-the-fly email marketing broadcasts to segmented data with one single click. The instant segmentation applies to data in these reports: Mass Email Opens Mass Email Clicks Mass Email Web Site Activity Tracking Mass Email Unsubscribes Mass Email […]

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