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Check Check … Check Your Email Rendering Or Beware The Results!

Let’s consider the dilemma of delivery optimization through quasi real life situation that is, hopefully, somewhat amusing. Hey, it’s mid-week, and we could all probably use a joke. “Zoolander”: Supermodel So, a comedian in the 80s used to tell a story about his friend who married a supermodel. He thought “cool!”. In terms of his […]

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Is Outlook Mangling Your Emails?

Last week, we talked about some general email rendering issues. This week, we want to dig a little bit deeper. Specifically, let’s tackle potential rendering problems using MS Outlook. Why highlight Outlook? Well, let’s just say that the Outlook “issue cup” can certainly runneth over – or so we’re hearing. When the original gets mucked upWhen […]

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Maintaining Email Integrity With Mobile

Your email marketing campaign may look pretty spiffy on a PC, but check it out on a smartphone or tablet. It could very well look like the stuff of nightmares. Unless you adopt a truly “Mobile Mentality”, you’re not in shape to move ahead with the rest of the pack – let alone sprint ahead. The EEC, or email […]

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When Good Emails Render Bad

Houston, you have a wingdings problem Your email newsletter may have been conceived in love and raised under a watchful eye, but now it’s talking in wingdings and ignoring every golden layout rule in Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail. So, how do you teach it to play nice? Exhale: HTML is still your baby HTML email campaigns are […]

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