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The Do’s & Don’ts of CSS

What do you think YOU’RE doing?Are you a developer looking to custom code your email templates using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – while maximizing the integrity of your layout or desired design?  “Good luck,” says the old school (i.e. here comes the hurt). Fortunately, JangoMail has some solutions. So, we prepared a simple list of “do it” and “don’t […]

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Why Haven’t You Joined The Video Bandwagon Yet?

Against everything your mother told you, we’ll say it. You should do what everyone else is doing – because it could get you further. We’re talking about the video “cliff”; and we’re encouraging you to swan dive-DO IT. Here’s what’s up A recent study found that total video views among internet users in the US were up […]

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The new is live!

Our new JangoMail website is truly all about YOU. Since we started out, it’s been our only mission to do what we do best – by listening to you, our customers. We’ve always asked for input, feedback, and for you to be brutally honest about what we can do better. And when you responded, our design […]

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Leverage Your Reports Part 2: Geotracking and Browser Data

Last week I introduced you to the idea of using your open and click reports to improve your email campaigns. This week I’ll go one step further and talk about leveraging your Geotracking and Browser Reports. Geotracking DataJangoMail collects location data from everyone who opens your email. Look at the raw data in an Open […]

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