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Check Check … Check Your Email Rendering Or Beware The Results!

Let’s consider the dilemma of delivery optimization through quasi real life situation that is, hopefully, somewhat amusing. Hey, it’s mid-week, and we could all probably use a joke. “Zoolander”: Supermodel So, a comedian in the 80s used to tell a story about his friend who married a supermodel. He thought “cool!”. In terms of his […]

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When Good Emails Render Bad

Houston, you have a wingdings problem Your email newsletter may have been conceived in love and raised under a watchful eye, but now it’s talking in wingdings and ignoring every golden layout rule in Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail. So, how do you teach it to play nice? Exhale: HTML is still your baby HTML email campaigns are […]

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Stay On The Hunt For Engaged Customers

“Anybody out there?”Let’s help you find out. In fact, there’s a quick and easy way to check the attention span of your existing customers, while rustling up some loyalty from new ones. And in the spirit of Easter, let’s break it down in a familiar scenario: The Egg Hunt:“Quick Hit” email campaigns dangle a carrot […]

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Make The Most Of The ‘Madness’ this Month

Last year, Twitter users sent over two million Tweets about March college basketball tourneys. While the ‘madness’ may not be the highlight of everyone’s month, there are times you need to send updates and alerts to large, specialized groups before the buzzer. Here are some hypotheticals: You’re a coach, and team parents would love to […]

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A New Dashboard

We have a quick update for our JangoMailers – You might have noticed we launched a new dashboard for your login screen to help you navigate the site more quickly!   This dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you log in. We like it because you can easily jump to these popular destinations, […]

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Magento, We’re Integrated.

Roger that, we’ve added functionality on JangoMail to connect to your Magento installation! Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform used by thousands of companies worldwide. JangoMail is a powerful broadcast and transactional email platform used by thousands of companies worldwide. They were meant to connect! With Magento, companies can host their own secure, robust, and feature-rich […]

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