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On Track With Jack: Test Personalization With a Test List

The sun is shining out here in Dayton, Ohio and next week is the Fourth of July!  Before the fireworks, picnics, and barbecues kickoff make sure your email marketing has a personal touch.  Customers respond better to messages that are tailored specifically to them. With JangoMail you can easily personalize your messages beyond a first […]

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What Makes a Company Great?

By: Mark MentzerRegional Sales ManagerI recently joined JangoMail as the Regional Sales Manager for the east coast.  JangoMail is a growing company and this is a new position created as part of that expansion.  Many companies attempt to grow, but merely expanding doesn’t guarantee success.  There are other factors at work that need to be […]

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The Twelve Days of JangoMail

Written by: Adriénne HorsleyJangoMail Regional Customer LiaisonOn the first day with JangoMail my Support Rep said to me:Send 500 emails for free. On the second day with JangoMailmy Support Rep asked me:How can I help you?And send 500 emails for free. On the third day with JangoMailmy Support Rep said to me:We offer VIP Service.How can I […]

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How to Set Up SPF Record and a Domain Key

Let’s explore the reasons why you want to use an SPF record and a domain key, and how they can improve your inbox delivery rate. If you own your own domain and are sending using your domain name as the FROM address (through JangoMail’s servers), adding SPF and DKIM records essentially authorizes JangoMail to send […]

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On Track With Jack: Content Marketing

Hello JangoMail Users! Jack coming at you from JangoMail’s Department of Awesome!  Have you heard about content marketing? Content marketing is a new marketing strategy sweeping the nation. It’s more than just a trendy new phrase. In fact, if used properly, content marketing can evolve your email marketing campaigns. Readers will connect with you on […]

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Integrating the JangoMail API Into a Java Application

If you want to integrate JangoMail’s web service into your company’s existing Java software, this example will show you how to hit the ground running. This example relies on Java’s built-in library for processing soap requests javax.xml.soap. Download the source code for this example here. In the first part of this example, the SOAPMessage is […]

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