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It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s v4!

By: Melonie MotticeMarketing Specialist The latest and greatest editor is live! Like last month, we’ve been very busy at JangoMail. What a better way to kick off March than with a new editor?!? Our new v4 HTML Editor is our most advanced editor and is available now. It has a brand new look to match […]

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Gmail Now Displays Images by Default

By: Chris ReiboldSenior Email Analyst You may have heard this week that Google made some changes to the way Gmail displays images in their emails. Previously, Gmail would make a request for an image every time an email was opened, but now they temporarily store those images, including the one we use for open tracking. What […]

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How to select images for your marketing material

Guest post from Fotolia, a leading provider of royalty-free images. Adding visual appeal to all kinds of material from campaigns to blogs to newsletters grabs the audience’s attention. That’s why marketing professionals rely on imagery to enhance their campaigns and overall messaging strategy.Here are 5 tips to help you select the perfect fit for that […]

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