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Gene Marks: Email Marketing Thoughts

A guest post by Gene Marks Every month my company sends out five newsletters and another five to ten mass emails to other groups.  We’ve been doing this for ten years.  And it works.  Most of the time.  We’ve had a ton of failures.  But mostly success.  So what have I learned?  Lots.  Let me at […]

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Gene Marks: Mobile Website and Search

A guest post by Gene Marks Here’s an interesting fact:  there are more than 400 million mobile users in the United States today.   Actually, what makes this fact so interesting is that there are only 330 million people in the entire country.  But I know I saw this somewhere on the internet.  So just work […]

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Gene Marks: Why Social Media Is Not Your Answer

A guest post by Gene Marks A few months ago I spoke to a group of business owners at the Composite Can and Tube Institute.  This is a real organization made up of real people.  Smart people.  If you visit their website you’ll find that CCTI is “international trade association representing the interests of manufacturers […]

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Gene Marks: Best Sales Reports

A guest post by Gene Marks Oops…just got a call from that guy.  He’s the sales manager and he just moved jobs.  “Gene,” he yells at me over the phone (they always seem to be yelling at me, why is that?).  “I just switched jobs.  Instead of selling industrial waxing balls I’m now selling fabricated […]

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Gene Marks: Are You a Great Customer?

A guest post by Gene Marks Why I’m In Love With Andrew.  Yes, That’s Right:  Love.Andrew, I love you. No, not in that way.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It’s just that you’re a good guy and I’ve known you for almost ten years now.  You’ve been a great client of ours.  You’re […]

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Gene Marks: Why Business Is Worth So Little

A guest post by Gene Marks I’m still (relatively) young, so I don’t want to sell my business.  Also, I have optimistic hopes for the economy over the next few years and this may be a good period for me to earn a few bucks, particularly after all the past slow years.  Yeah, I’m definitely […]

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