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New Survey Features: Export survey data, filter responses, specify a redirect URL

We’ve launched some long-awaited enhancements to our survey platform. You can now: Export detailed survey response data straight out of Reporting Filter survey responses by a particular question or answer, and then send follow-up email campaigns or create Email Lists based on filtered recipient data. Specify a redirect URL where the user is taken after […]

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Your Company Logo in your JangoMail Surveys

JangoMail now has support for adding your company logo to surveys that you create through our website using the Surveys tab. Adding your logo to your surveys is a great idea, not only because it makes it clear who is conducting the survey, but it also builds on your branding by putting your image in […]

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Test Out Our New Survey Tool

We just launched the first ever Silverlight-based Survey Design Tool. You can now design and publish email survey invites through the JangoMail interface and view your survey results for each individual participant. Set Up Instructions 1. Click on the new Surveys tab. If you don’t have Microsoft’s Silverlight Platform installed, you will be prompted to […]

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