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On Track With Jack: The Best Time To Email

What’s Up, JangoMail Users? Jack is back with an ON – TRACK – FACT.  I tried rapping in a former life, but email marketing is my forte.  We’ll leave the rapping to Kanye. With that tangent out of the way, here is your tip of the week: Examine your campaigns to determine the best time […]

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Enhancements to recurring email campaigns

This weekend we simplified and enhanced how recurring email campaigns operate. One of JangoMail’s unique offerings has always been the ability to set emails to send on a recurring schedule.  For example, you can have an email campaign send every day, every month, or every four hours.  You can define any recurring schedule you like […]

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Interview with Robin Sukhadia: artist, musician, and JangoMail customer

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with longtime JangoMail customer Robin Sukhadia, a musician, artist and the man behind Robin has used JangoMail to send monthly newsletters to his audiences for the past six years and shared some great ideas for using email campaigns to build strong relationships and create personal communication […]

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Leverage Your Reports Part 3: Social Media

This week I’ll continue our series on leveraging your reports to improve your email campaigns by addressing social media. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use social media and social networking data to improve your email campaigns. Use Social Networking Data With JangoMail, you can add publically available data from Facebook to […]

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Email Marketing Review Sites: The Good, The Bad, and The Unresponsive

Potential clients often stumble upon one of the many email marketing review sites in search of some help with their decision on which email company to work with. There are certainly a lot of them! After reading reviews of our service, they come to us with questions and sometimes concerns. We’ve had some interesting interactions […]

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New Feature: Use a Report to Create and Send to an Email List

We just launched a new feature that makes it easier to send Follow-Up Emails and create Email Lists from previous campaigns. In the past, to send an Email Campaign to recipients who responded to a previous campaign, users had to visit the EMAIL LISTS section. Here users had to write SQL in the Advanced Query Editor to […]

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