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Good and Bad Unsubscribe Techniques

By: Ajay GoelFounder, Chairman When I first founded JangoMail, I would subscribe to as many newsletters as I possibly could, in order to check out the “Powered by …” tagline at the bottom of emails to gauge which companies are using which email marketing services.  It helped me keep an eye on the competition.  Recently, […]

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The importance of setting up a custom tracking domain for email marketing campaigns

Setting up a custom tracking domain is one of the easiest ways to improve your email deliverability for broadcast and transactional email campaigns. What is a tracking domain? A tracking domain is the domain used in various tracking mechanisms, such as the open-tracking, click-tracking and forward-to-friend tracking. It is present throughout the HTML portion of […]

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How to write a custom web server script for JangoMail integration

JangoMail was one of the first and is one of the only email marketing service providers that can connect to a customer’s web site database in real-time. Historically, we’ve supported and provided web server script files for 4 different scenarios: Active Server Pages / ODBC Database — w_1.aspActive Server Pages / Microsoft SQL Server — […]

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