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On Track With Jack: Welcome Newbees and Deliverability Buzz

Finally, spring is here! With the warm weather comes a swarm of newbees, new free trial users that is. Over the last month or so, we’ve had the most sign-ups to date, and today we’re going to review what you need to do to get started with JangoMail. Existing users, you can benefit from this […]

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How to Set Up SPF Record and a Domain Key

Let’s explore the reasons why you want to use an SPF record and a domain key, and how they can improve your inbox delivery rate. If you own your own domain and are sending using your domain name as the FROM address (through JangoMail’s servers), adding SPF and DKIM records essentially authorizes JangoMail to send […]

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Branded Subdomain Setup

Setting up a branded subdomain Technically, all that is needed is the MX record, but we strongly recommend using an SPF record and a domain key. Here is some general info on the subdomain setup: Let’s say your domain is and you want a subdomain of (which will only be used for sending […]

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