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What Makes a Company Great?

By: Mark MentzerRegional Sales ManagerI recently joined JangoMail as the Regional Sales Manager for the east coast.  JangoMail is a growing company and this is a new position created as part of that expansion.  Many companies attempt to grow, but merely expanding doesn’t guarantee success.  There are other factors at work that need to be […]

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Gene Marks: Why Business Is Worth So Little

A guest post by Gene Marks I’m still (relatively) young, so I don’t want to sell my business.  Also, I have optimistic hopes for the economy over the next few years and this may be a good period for me to earn a few bucks, particularly after all the past slow years.  Yeah, I’m definitely […]

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No Joke: Email Marketing Grows Business Like Nothing Else

We recently came across a pretty interesting piece in Target Marketing, called “Nuts & Bolts Comedian: Email Pulls in Crowds, Social is Ephemeral”, featuring comedian Steve Hofstetter. Aside from the rah-rah nature of the title (how could we not be drawn to that??), the fact that it reflected the actual email marketing experiences of a professional comedian […]

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