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What Makes a Company Great?

By: Mark MentzerRegional Sales ManagerI recently joined JangoMail as the Regional Sales Manager for the east coast.  JangoMail is a growing company and this is a new position created as part of that expansion.  Many companies attempt to grow, but merely expanding doesn’t guarantee success.  There are other factors at work that need to be […]

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On Track With Jack: Happy New Year

Today is New Year’s Eve, which means 2013 is almost over. I have a confession, I tend to get a little emotional as I sit back and reflect on the year, but nothing that a little bubbly won’t cure. Top 10 JangoMail Blogs of 2013 10. Reconsider Email Attachments  9. No Joke: Email Marketing Grows   […]

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Gene Marks: Why Social Media Is Not Your Answer

A guest post by Gene Marks A few months ago I spoke to a group of business owners at the Composite Can and Tube Institute.  This is a real organization made up of real people.  Smart people.  If you visit their website you’ll find that CCTI is “international trade association representing the interests of manufacturers […]

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Gene Marks: Best Sales Reports

A guest post by Gene Marks Oops…just got a call from that guy.  He’s the sales manager and he just moved jobs.  “Gene,” he yells at me over the phone (they always seem to be yelling at me, why is that?).  “I just switched jobs.  Instead of selling industrial waxing balls I’m now selling fabricated […]

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On Track With Jack: Content Marketing

Hello JangoMail Users! Jack coming at you from JangoMail’s Department of Awesome!  Have you heard about content marketing? Content marketing is a new marketing strategy sweeping the nation. It’s more than just a trendy new phrase. In fact, if used properly, content marketing can evolve your email marketing campaigns. Readers will connect with you on […]

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Gene Marks: Are You a Great Customer?

A guest post by Gene Marks Why I’m In Love With Andrew.  Yes, That’s Right:  Love.Andrew, I love you. No, not in that way.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It’s just that you’re a good guy and I’ve known you for almost ten years now.  You’ve been a great client of ours.  You’re […]

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