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Consuming the JangoMail API in ASP.Net

It’s easy to start integrating the JangoMail API into your company’s .Net software. Start by adding a service reference to your project. Right click on the project in the solution explorer, then click “Add a Service Reference”. Under Address, enter and click “Go”. Then change the namespace to JangoMail and click “OK”. This will […]

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How to use the ASP.Net script file to integrate your web database with JangoMail

If your organization’s web site and database platform is ASP.Net and SQL Server, JangoMail provides a file (w_5.aspx) which you may place on your web server, which allows JangoMail to pull email list data in real-time from your database, as well as update your database with recipient actions, like unsubscribes, bounces, opens, and clicks. The […]

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