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Calling the JangoMail API in Ruby Using SOAP

If you’re integrating in a Ruby environment, then Savon is a great, versatile way to call SOAP web services. In this example, we use savon to build a soap client for the JangoMail API, then call Groups_GetList_String. To test it with your own account, just insert your own JangoMail/JangoSMTP credentials. Download the source code for […]

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Calling the JangoMail Web Service in Python

Python is a language that seems to make so many mundane programming tasks easy. Unfortunately, some python libraries are perhaps less fully developed than the libraries of other languages. This is certainly the case of the python soap libraries SOAPpy and SUDS. In my experience, both libraries are painfully buggy. In python, I think it’s […]

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Consuming the JangoMail API in ASP.Net

It’s easy to start integrating the JangoMail API into your company’s .Net software. Start by adding a service reference to your project. Right click on the project in the solution explorer, then click “Add a Service Reference”. Under Address, enter and click “Go”. Then change the namespace to JangoMail and click “OK”. This will […]

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API Change: Timestamps returned from the Reports methods now in include time zone

In our latest update to the API, we decided to make a change in the way timestamps are returned. Previously, a call to Reports_Transactional_GetOpens_String for instance might return data like this:

That’s OK… but what timezone is that? The time being returned is ambiguous. Is that in the user’s local time? JangoMail time? Furthermore, […]

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New API method to retrieve SMTP log for transactional email

We’ve launched a new API method to retrieve the SMTP log for a transactional email message. The method, Reports_GetSMTPLog_Transactional, is described in detail below. The method takes, as input parameters, the account username, password, and the numeric Transactional ID corresponding to the transactional email for which the SMTP Log should be retrieved. The method was […]

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Technical Notes: Using the JangoMail API with PHP

Cool Life Systems, a provider of custom business solutions, uses the JangoMail API with PHP to send emails. They have graciously allowed us to share a sample of the PHP code they use to integrate their system with JangoMail’s email solution. We hope this is helpful to anyone looking to use the JangoMail API with PHP. Thanks, Cool Life […]

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How to use the API method SendMassEmail to connect to a website database

The SendMassEmail method of the JangoMail Email Marketing API is a versatile method that can launch an email campaign to recipients in a variety of ways. There are various “To” input parameters, each with its own use depending on where your email list data is stored. Plus, you can connect to a web database. The full […]

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