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CAN-SPAM Compliance

CAN-SPAM Compliance

JangoMail complies with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act as our servers reside in the United States. The main items required in your messages:

  1. Accurately identify the person or business who initiated the message
  2. Include a valid physical postal address
  3. Offer at least one way to opt-out of receiving future messages

To assist you in complying with this law, JangoMail requires that you use an unsubscribe link.

We understand the need for branding control and provide you several ways to include and customize the unsubscribe link.


Use JangoMail's Unsubscribe Link

Option 1: Insert Unsubscribe Link

There may be instances where you want to place your unsubscribe link in a different section of your email, such as the very top. In the Message Editor, you can click Insert content, then choose Unsubscribe link to insert the below text:

Click here to avoid receiving future emails from us.

For the unsubscribe link, “here” is a link to your account's unique unsubscribe link. Below is an example of what this may look like (link may vary):***uniqueid****

When the message is sent, the ***uniqueid**** is replaced with an internal ID we use to track the email address of the recipient. The “” is a tracking domain, and more information about tracking domains can be found here.

*Important: This link can be unique per account. To ensure you use the correct one, please do not copy the above link. Instead, use the link provided by following the above steps to insert the unsubscribe link in a message. 


Option 2: Insert Automatic CAN-SPAM Footer

In the Message Editor, you can click the Insert content button and then CAN-SPAM footer, which will insert the text below:

This email was sent by Acme, located at Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State 11111 in the USA. To receive no further emails, please click here or reply to this email with “unlist” in the Subject line.

The information that populates the footer is taken from your account's sign up information. You may also update the address via SettingsAuthoringCAN-SPAM Footer.

If you composed your message using an HTML table as the message container, the footer won’t necessarily be centered under your table. To ensure everything is consistently formatted, add a new/extra row at the bottom of your table and insert the footer text into the “td” (table cell).


JangoMail's Forced CAN-SPAM Footer

During campaign pre-processing, if JangoMail's unsubscribe link is not detected, we’ll force a CAN-SPAM footer onto the bottom of the message.

When JangoMail forces a footer into your message, you’ll see a notification message upon sending:

When the footer is forced into your message, it is placed at the bottom using an HTML paragraph “p” tag. 

The information that populates the footer is taken from your account's sign up information. You may also update the address via SettingsAuthoringCAN-SPAM Footer.


Use your own Unsubscribe Link

You may use your own unsubscribe link as long as it meets the requirements of our Anti-Spam Policy and you can demonstrate it works. If your version meets our requirements, we will not force our system's automatic CAN-SPAM footer when we detect the absence of JangoMail's unsubscribe link on your messages. To request an exemption from the system-forced footer or exemption from providing an opt-out, you may contact our support team.


Transactional Messages and Unsubscribe Link

If you are sending transactional messages through the SMTP relay, there is no forced CAN-SPAM footer or unsubscribe link. If you would like JangoMail to handle unsubscribes, you may include your JangoMail account's unique unsubscribe link which will look similar to the example below (link may vary):***uniqueid****

You may find your account's unsubscribe link by going to Message EditorInsert contentUnsubscribe link. Click the hyperlinked word "here", click the Hyperlink icon. You will then be able to copy the unsubscribe URL.


Is your business compliant?