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Automated Email Messages with JangoMail

Like all JangoMail messages, automated emails can be HTML and/or plain text. Incorporate all of our advanced personalization options—with space available for 100+ fields, the sky’s the limit! You can view the same live reporting statistics as you would for a campaign, for opens, clicks, and other details. See the difference that relevant, targeted content makes when you use an automated message.

Automated messages generally receive higher open and click rates than bulk email messages. Even better, they also save time because once set up, they run automatically. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, an automated message engages your recipient without you stopping to do it yourself.


Autoresponders are time and action based automatic email messages.

Autoresponders are based on list sign up and can be set to go to new members based on specific time intervals. Send a welcome email immediately; send a follow up one week later; check in after one month. With JangoMail you can add dynamic content based on unique subscriber data to increase the already high rate of engagement.

Autoresponders are powerful because they allow you to actively engage new subscribers automatically. They require minimal effort: once set up, they will run until you choose to stop them. By saving time, autoresponders allow you to focus on your other marketing efforts.

Triggered Email

Triggered Emails are sent out automatically after your subscriber opens or clicks an email or visits a webpage on your site.

See what emails your subscribers have opened, the links they have clicked and the web pages they have visited and send messages they are likely to be interested in based on that behavior, automatically!

Set Triggers to send immediately or so many minutes/hours/days later. Triggers are timely and action based, building relationship with your active recipients and keeping your brand front and center.

Advanced Scheduling: Today, Tomorrow, or Recurring Messages

With JangoMail's easy to use scheduling tool, you can create and send a message one day, or choose to schedule it to send at some point in the future. It’s also possible to create a recurring broadcast email. Send a note each day, week, or month with ease to specific segments of your customer base.