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Authentication Methods for Mass Email Initiation

Authentication Methods for Mass Email Initiation

JangoMail allows multiple methods of authentication when sending email from your existing software. The full tutorial on setting up Mass Email Initiation can be found here.

You can authenticate using Password, From Address, or both. The method of specifying a list will differ based on method. To use a default list, a From Address must be specified for that list. To change your authentication method, go to Settings and select Externally Launched Emails under Sending and Receiving.


Password authentication

This is the default authentication method. With your email client, use the following format to send to a particular list.

Instructions for Subject line: 
[YourPassword-send ListName] Subject


From Address authentication

A default list must be selected in the Externally Launched Emails popup in the Settings section which contains the From Address you would like to use. The From Address must be specified in the List Settings for the selected list.

Setting the From Address for a specific list

  1. Go to your list.
  2. Click on the List Settings tab.
  3. Enter the From address that will be used for authentication for this list.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Selecting a default list

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Sending and Receiving, click on Externally Launched Emails.
  3. On the second tab Tracking & Authentication, select one of the authentication options including the From Address.
  4. Click Save.

Instructions for Subject line:
To a particular list: [send ListName] Subject
To the list default: [send] Subject


Both Password and From Address 

A list must be specified with a From Address and the password must be included in the Subject line. Follow the above instructions for setting the From Address and authentication method. When sending, use the following format.

Instructions for Subject line:
To a particular list: [YourPassword-send ListName] Subject
To the list default: [YourPassword-send] Subject


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