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Private Label Email Marketing Service

Rebrand our service so it looks like your own.

JangoMail can act as a private label email marketing service. Our private label email marketing features allow you to create a 100% domain-branded private label solution. It rebrands JangoMail as your own personal email advertising application.

Rebranding JangoMail as your private label email marketing service is right for you if you want the ability to sell email marketing services to your clients. It would give the impression that you built and maintain your own email marketing application for your clients’ exclusive use. Most clients who do this use it as a selling point for new and existing clients. If you don’t mind your clients knowing that you’re using JangoMail or if they never see the marketing platform then private label email marketing might not be for you.

If you are interested in this feature, contact us and one of our email experts can provide you with more information!