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Advanced: Mass Email Initiation

Sending a Mass Email Using Your Existing Email Software

Logging into your account and using the web interface is not the only way to send mass emails with JangoMail.  You can also use your existing email software such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, and others to send mass emails through JangoMail.  To do this, compose your email message in your existing email software and then send the email message to a special email address,, with instructions included in the Subject line. The instructions can vary based on authentication methods. This page covers the available authentication methods.


Determine to which list you would like to send.

  1. You can use your existing email software to send to either an existing list in your JangoMail account or to members in a website database.
  2. If you wish to send to a list, make sure the list exists in your account and that there is at least one member in it.
  3. If you wish to send to members in a website database, make sure the settings under Settings → Integrating JangoMail with Other Systems → Set Master Profile for WebDB are filled out.


Configure your JangoMail account to properly handle mass email initiations from an external email client.

  1. Go to Settings → Sending and Receiving → Externally Launched Email Query.
  2. Type in a default From Display Name that will appear as the sender on the outbound mass emails.
  3. Go to the Tracking & Authentication tab and check or uncheck the Activate Click tracking on externally launched emails box, depending on whether you would like JangoMail to track clicks of links within your email message sent from your existing email software.
  4. Click the Save button.


Compose an email message in your email software.

  1. Set the message to send to  For example, if your username is "abccompany", you would send the message
  2. The Subject line must be formatted with special instructions.  At the beginning of the Subject line, type [YourPassword-send ListName].  For example, if you want the Subject of your mass email to be "ABC Company Press Release" and your JangoMail account password is "abc920392" and you want to send to a list called "Contact List", then your To/Subject lines should look like:

    Subject: [abc920392-send Contact List] ABC Company Press Release

  3. Compose your email message.
  4. Click the Send button in your email software.

JangoMail will now receive the message and begin sending the mass email to the list or data specified.  Within 1-2 minutes after sending the email to JangoMail, you will receive a reply email confirming that your mass email initiation request has been received. A campaign sent through this method will show up in your Broadcast Message Reports page in your JangoMail account just like any campaign would when sent through the JangoMail interface!

View Alternative Authentication Methods available for sending.

JangoMail can help you with mass email initiation.


You can also compose your messages right from within JangoMail!
  • Use the v4 HTML Editor to create a strong email message that builds your brand.
  • Contact your list members automatically when they're added to your list by using an Autoresponder.