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Advanced: Autoresponders

Advanced: Autoresponders 

Autoresponders are tied directly in with lists. After creating a list, you can define Autoresponders for that list, such that emails will automatically go out to new list members based on specific time intervals.

Create a list to store your members.

  1. Navigate to the Lists section.
  2. Click New List
  3. Type in a name for the list (example: ABC Test List), and then click the Save button.

Create the message that you want to use as an Autoresponder.

  1. Navigate to the Messages section.
  2. Click the New Message icon and choose how you would like to create your message. We will create an email with a New Blank Message.
  3. Click the From tab and enter a From Display Name that represents your organization.
  4. Leave the To Lists tab set to no lists selected, but enter in just your email address in the To Addresses section.
  5. Type in a subject line and the content of the message and save it. You can do this by saving it or sending it to yourself. A message automatically saves when you send it.
  6. The email is now saved into your account so that you can select it for an Autoresponder.

Create one or more Autoresponders for this list.

  1. Go back to the Lists section.
  2. Select the Edit icon next to the list name.
  3. Click the Autoresponders option under Send on the Quick Links toolbar.
  4. Click Add New Item.
  5. Name your Autoresponder, select the message that you would like to send, choose between sending Relative to Join Time or at an Exact Time and then click Save.

Example: If you set your Autoresponder to send the message 3 hours after joining, then the email will be sent to all list members when the time is 3 hours past the member’s Submission Date. If you set your Autoresponder to 0 hours, the email will be sent immediately.

Test your Autoresponder by adding a few members to your list.

  1. Click the Add New Member icon.
  2. Add members to the list individually. Add yourself to the list. Add a few other test email addresses as well.

How do new subscribers join your list?

You can place a signup form on your website which will add new subscribers directly to your list. See Create an Opt In Form under the List Tools on the Quick Links toolbar or view information onhow to create an opt-in form. New subscribers can also send a blank email to your email account with the word “subscribe” in the Subject line.

What is the difference between a recurring/scheduled message and an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are tied to the join time of a member to the list. You can set an Autoresponder to greet a customer 3 hours after join time. For John, who joins at 2:53 pm, the Autoresponder will arrive at 5:53 pm. Leslie could sign up at 8:00 am and the Autoresponder would arrive at 11:00 am. A recurring message is set by a schedule where you can determine day and time.


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