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Advanced: ASP.Net Script File Integration with JangoMail

For organizations whose website/database platform is ASP.Net/SQL Server, JangoMail provides a file (w_5.aspx) you can place on your web server which allows JangoMail to pull email list data in real-time from your database, as well as update your database with recipient actions such as unsubscribes, bounces, opens, and clicks.
The steps are:

  1. Go to the Lists section and click on the Databases tab.
  2. Click Create New Database.

  3. Choose Internet Web Database and then choose the ASP.Net option.

  4. Retrieve the w_5.aspx file and place on your web server.
  5. Once you have the w_5.aspx file uploaded to your server, click Configure this connection.
  6. Fill in the variable names and values, including the SQL query to retrieve your email list data.
  7. Save the profile, and then click the Connect icon.

You may alter the w_5.aspx file as you see fit. For example, if your website connects to SQL Server via ODBC instead of the default ASP.Net method, then you may modify the connection string in the w_5.aspx file.


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