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Add List Fields for Personalization/Segmentation

With JangoMail's list management, add over 50 fields for powerful personalization and segmentation abilities. The more fields and information in your list, the more intentional your campaign can be. This can be done in two different ways: personalization and segmentation. With personalization, you can greet each recipient by name and populate the email with relevant or confidential information. With segmentation, you can select specific portions of your list and send targeted campaigns to them based on the relevant data. Combine both for an even greater impact. What's the first step? Making sure all your fields are in place.

Adding Fields to Your List

Once you've created your new list, it's time to add fields.

1. Click on the Fields tab.

2. Click Add New Field to begin adding fields. If you will be adding multiple fields, click the button several times until you have the number of extra fields you need.

Remember: EmailAddress is automatically populated by the system and will not appear on this tab as an editable field.

3. Click to Edit each field. This is the blue icon that looks like a pencil . By default, JangoMail creates fields for EmailAddress, Submission_Date, and Modified. Field names may not include spaces or punctuation characters, as this can cause errors in the database.

First Name and Last Name are very common pieces of data to collect. Field Names are like the column headings of a spreadsheet. They label the data you will be storing there. Additional field possibilities are City, State, Client ID, and more.


Exploring Field Options

By default, a field is created as a text box with a generic field name. When you edit a field, you can change:

  • Field Name. This serves as the field header and is used for personalization.
  • Friendly Name. This is displayed on opt-in forms and list modification pages.
  • Field Type. This is set to Text Box by default but can be set to several other types that will display on the opt-in form and list modification pages. Learn more about available field types.
  • Choices. This section remains blank for Text Box type fields, but will hold options when using Pulldown, Radio Buttons, or Checkbox field types.
  • Show to member. Checking this box determines if users can see this field on the opt-in form and list modification pages. Unchecking this box will allow you to store and maintain information in this field that will not be visible to your users.
  • Required. When set, users will not be able to complete the sign up form without filling out this field.


If you will be using the list modification page or the website opt-in form, make your list more dynamic by learning how to change a field type to pull down lists, radio buttons, checkbox, and large comment boxes.