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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Video: Tour our new User Interface!

As part of our continuing effort to provide the best service and functionality, we’ve recently upgraded our user interface.  Our very own Dave Walker has recorded a brief overview to help our customers better understand the changes we’ve made.  Click on the video below to watch! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t […]

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Got a few cooks in the kitchen? Bring it – you’ve got JangoMail.

Managing multiple clients or in-house departments is child’s play using our cutting-edge email marketing features. Some of our clients’ favorites include the ability to create any campaign, capitalize on results reporting, and share out to as many or as few team members and partnering agencies as you want. Here’s how to do it: Create sub-accountsEasily […]

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Stop Sending So Many Emails … Ya Think?

There are so many email marketing questions/topics/discussions out there, sometimes it’s hard to isolate just one to tackle each week. So, we started asking around. Here’s what we found: (The results were random and admittedly pretty amusing.) (“Did Elvis Fake His Own Death?” was a top result. Really folks?) (Hey there, Elton John.) So then […]

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Best Day/Time To Send Emails? Umm…

Would it sound facetious to say “good luck with that one”? In other words, get ready to sweat through some extensive testing. And whether you’re work lies within the realm of B2C or B2B, the song remains the same. A brief backgroundThe golden rule of email campaigns has been to send during the workweek, and around […]

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