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Monthly Archives: July 2013

How’s Your Brand Managing?

You know your brand. But do you have a handle on what customers think of your brand? If the answer’s “kind of,” “not sure,” or “isn’t somebody else in charge of that?,” then you could be accumulating a mountain of online feedback that’s only invisible to you. Even if it’s one negative Yelp review or […]

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Are You Heading Straight to Spam?

After all the work you put into your email campaigns, the least your emails could do is reach your recipients. Problem is, when you least expect it, they can miss the mark and hit the spam or junk folders. The unusual suspectsSo, what happened? Before you heavy foot it over to the IT department, consider […]

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The Do’s & Don’ts of CSS

What do you think YOU’RE doing?Are you a developer looking to custom code your email templates using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – while maximizing the integrity of your layout or desired design?  “Good luck,” says the old school (i.e. here comes the hurt). Fortunately, JangoMail has some solutions. So, we prepared a simple list of “do it” and “don’t […]

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How A Little Cheese Can Lead To Email Marketing Cake

July Fourth is over. Or … is it?Because many companies gave their employees 4 day weekends, you have to expect people are making the most of it. Fortunately in this visible media day and age, you may start to see pictures like these roll into your social news feeds and inbox. So, what’s this have […]

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