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Monthly Archives: May 2013

No Joke: Email Marketing Grows Business Like Nothing Else

We recently came across a pretty interesting piece in Target Marketing, called “Nuts & Bolts Comedian: Email Pulls in Crowds, Social is Ephemeral”, featuring comedian Steve Hofstetter. Aside from the rah-rah nature of the title (how could we not be drawn to that??), the fact that it reflected the actual email marketing experiences of a professional comedian […]

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Having Fun & Getting Funds With Filters

This week, a case study in the spirit of the holiday weekend … Joe’s Outdoor Store is a strong, local retailer in Nashua, New Hampshire. They’ve been around for almost 5 years and have a solid following of outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors and even tourists who happen upon their prime spot off the main interstate. […]

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Is Outlook Mangling Your Emails?

Last week, we talked about some general email rendering issues. This week, we want to dig a little bit deeper. Specifically, let’s tackle potential rendering problems using MS Outlook. Why highlight Outlook? Well, let’s just say that the Outlook “issue cup” can certainly runneth over – or so we’re hearing. When the original gets mucked upWhen […]

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Maintaining Email Integrity With Mobile

Your email marketing campaign may look pretty spiffy on a PC, but check it out on a smartphone or tablet. It could very well look like the stuff of nightmares. Unless you adopt a truly “Mobile Mentality”, you’re not in shape to move ahead with the rest of the pack – let alone sprint ahead. The EEC, or email […]

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