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Monthly Archives: April 2013

New Feature – Campaign Send Approval

Question: Are you the manager of the email marketing department at your company? Do you employ other talented individuals to write marketing emails for you? Do you want those authors to have access to create emails on JangoMail on their own terms? Do you want to be in control of the emails that actually get […]

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Your Emails Will Get to The INBOX (and other lies)

Any email marketing partner who promises 100% of your emails will hit the recipient’s inbox aren’t just misinformed – they’re lying. The truth is, there’s simply no guarantee of a foolproof method to dodge every spam filter or customized filter established by every potential recipient. That said, there are some ways to improve the chances […]

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When Good Emails Render Bad

Houston, you have a wingdings problem Your email newsletter may have been conceived in love and raised under a watchful eye, but now it’s talking in wingdings and ignoring every golden layout rule in Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail. So, how do you teach it to play nice? Exhale: HTML is still your baby HTML email campaigns are […]

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Improved Spam Detection for Response Emails

When we receive a response back on one of your email campaigns, we process and forward those on to you, based on a number of rules in your account Settings. We have just updated the spam detection for response emails we receive so we can prevent forwarding spam responses to you as much as we […]

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This message opened by … Anonymous

We had a prospective customer recently come to us with an interesting request with regard to the privacy of their campaign recipients. They wanted the campaign actions of users to be anonymized in such a way that it in no way would it be possible for anyone to determine which specific email addresses on the list […]

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Getting The Full Benefit of vBulletin?

The first step to maximizing the effectiveness of using popular forum software packages, like vBulletin, is to enhance them through configuration with JangoMail or JangoSMTP. In case you’re unfamiliar with vBulletin, it’s a helpful forum software package that facilitates online community discussions on the topic your website is focused on. The system also sends a variety of emails: […]

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