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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Introducing Account Restrictions

We added a new feature. It started with a customer. It would be cool if JangoMail had a separate login for a marketing team member, just to handle the email crafting part of the campaign. And another login for a developer, just to manage the email list and databases part of the campaign…. And another for […]

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Magento, We’re Integrated.

Roger that, we’ve added functionality on JangoMail to connect to your Magento installation! Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform used by thousands of companies worldwide. JangoMail is a powerful broadcast and transactional email platform used by thousands of companies worldwide. They were meant to connect! With Magento, companies can host their own secure, robust, and feature-rich […]

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IP Authentication – We’ve Reached 10,000

Over 10,000 customers worldwide authenticate via IP into the JangoMail relays.(click for an interactive map of where some of our customers are authenticating from) At JangoMail, we stand apart from the crowd in many ways, and one of the most prominent is our ability to authenticate customers directly by IP address. In fact, we now […]

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