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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Enhancements to recurring email campaigns

This weekend we simplified and enhanced how recurring email campaigns operate. One of JangoMail’s unique offerings has always been the ability to set emails to send on a recurring schedule.  For example, you can have an email campaign send every day, every month, or every four hours.  You can define any recurring schedule you like […]

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Secure click-tracking with base-64 encoded URLs and MD-5 hashing

We have introduced two new settings that control how click-tracked URLs appear in your email campaigns.  The new settings, base-64 encoding and MD-5 hashing, make click-tracked links look more professional and operate more securely. When an email campaign has click tracking on, the URLs are converted into trackable URLs that typically look like this: […]

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API Change: Timestamps returned from the Reports methods now in include time zone

In our latest update to the API, we decided to make a change in the way timestamps are returned. Previously, a call to Reports_Transactional_GetOpens_String for instance might return data like this:

That’s OK… but what timezone is that? The time being returned is ambiguous. Is that in the user’s local time? JangoMail time? Furthermore, […]

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Interview with Robin Sukhadia: artist, musician, and JangoMail customer

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with longtime JangoMail customer Robin Sukhadia, a musician, artist and the man behind Robin has used JangoMail to send monthly newsletters to his audiences for the past six years and shared some great ideas for using email campaigns to build strong relationships and create personal communication […]

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