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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Leverage your Reports into better email campaigns

At JangoMail, we’re all about email, of course. Compose your message, build in all the bells and whistles of personalization, send quickly and efficiently, and then watch the results come into your Reports. Reports, on the surface, contain really great information. At a glance, and in real time, I can watch my campaigns go out […]

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Why URL shorteners and email don’t mix

As you may know, a URL shortener is a service that allows you to input a long URL, and receive a much more concise address. This shortened version redirects the user to the intended location. There are two main benefits of these services: 1. The shortened address can be more easily shared with others. This […]

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New personalization option: a mail-merge tag for the Email List name

You can now personalize broadcast emails with the name of the Email List.  Use this special merge-tag: %%EmailListName%% You can use this notation in any of the fields that support personalization, including Subject, HTML Message, Plain Text Message, SMS Message, and the From Display Name.  For example, if you’re sending an email campaign to three […]

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Can JangoMail do that?

Every now and then we get an inquiry from a prospective customer that speaks to a wide variety of JangoMail capabilities.  Sometimes, but not often, I like to give my sales team a break, and post the answer in a blog post for the world to see! Here is an recent email from a prospect: […]

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Two API methods to manage IP addresses for SMTP relay

JangoMail’s SMTP service now allows you to manage authenticated IP addresses via two new API methods. The methods, SMTPRelay_AddIP and SMTPRelay_DeleteIP, simply take an account’s credentials and the IP address that the user wishes to add or delete to the SMTP service. SMTPRelay_AddIP Authenticate an IP address for the SMTP relay.   SMTPRelay_DeleteIP Delete an […]

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