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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Email Marketing Review Sites: The Good, The Bad, and The Unresponsive

Potential clients often stumble upon one of the many email marketing review sites in search of some help with their decision on which email company to work with. There are certainly a lot of them! After reading reviews of our service, they come to us with questions and sometimes concerns. We’ve had some interesting interactions […]

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When does it make sense to confirm / double opt-in your email list?

Confirmed!Sometimes less is more with your Email Lists When I help clients build web-site sign up forms to tie in with their JangoMail accounts, I highly recommend making use of our Confirmed Opt-In feature (sometimes known as “double opt-in” in the marketing world). With an Email List that is Confirmed, any address that is added […]

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Fix for IE9 customers using the Connect to Local Database feature

We’ve recently been getting reports from our users who are unable to use JangoMail’s Connect to Local Database feature after upgrading to Internet Explorer 9. The browser would freeze after clicking the Connect button, and would have to be shut down using Task Manager. After some exhaustive research, we’ve finally found a fix. The Fix: […]

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SMTP Relay and CodeIgniter

Any SysAdmin will tell you that having a good toolkit at your disposal makes your job much easier. And if you think about, it’s a universal truth. Whatever your profession, you absolutely need the right tools for the job. As a SysAdmin I rely heavily on my toolkit because I know that the process of […]

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