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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Technical Notes: Using the JangoMail API with PHP

Cool Life Systems, a provider of custom business solutions, uses the JangoMail API with PHP to send emails. They have graciously allowed us to share a sample of the PHP code they use to integrate their system with JangoMail’s email solution. We hope this is helpful to anyone looking to use the JangoMail API with PHP. Thanks, Cool Life […]

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How we restored a customer’s lost email list

Sometimes I’m surprised by the creativity of our staff to solve customer problems. Today we had a customer (name changed to protect their privacy), Pecan Films, that returned to JangoMail after being inactive for two months and not having sent an email campaign through JangoMail for over a year. When the customer reactivated their account […]

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New Survey Features: Export survey data, filter responses, specify a redirect URL

We’ve launched some long-awaited enhancements to our survey platform. You can now: Export detailed survey response data straight out of Reporting Filter survey responses by a particular question or answer, and then send follow-up email campaigns or create Email Lists based on filtered recipient data. Specify a redirect URL where the user is taken after […]

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