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Monthly Archives: September 2010

New Reporting Features: Click anywhere, filter instantly

We have launched a major reporting enhancement that makes it much easier to segment reporting data and send on-the-fly email marketing broadcasts to segmented data with one single click. The instant segmentation applies to data in these reports: Mass Email Opens Mass Email Clicks Mass Email Web Site Activity Tracking Mass Email Unsubscribes Mass Email […]

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Why eNannySource came back to JangoMail

eNannySource is a former email marketing client who recently came back to us because of JangoMail’s technological advantages. We got a chance to catch up with Steve from eNannySource to learn more about his decision to return to JangoMail.   JM: Steve, we are excited to have you back. Could you tell us a little about […]

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You now get more bandwidth, for free!

JangoMail users sending mass emails with large attachments or otherwise bulky HTML content now get a higher bandwidth allotment, for free. Historically, we’ve only allowed 20 KB per email message you send before you were hit with bandwidth overage fees. We have now bumped that to 100 KB per email message. For example, if you’re […]

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New SMTP relay service feature: Authenticate a Class C IP block

Our customers using the SMTP relay can now add a full class C IP block to their list of authenticated IP addresses, instead of adding single IPs at a time. To add a class C block of IP addresses (255 IP addresses), contact our support team, and they can do this for you, as the […]

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New Feature: Use a Report to Create and Send to an Email List

We just launched a new feature that makes it easier to send Follow-Up Emails and create Email Lists from previous campaigns. In the past, to send an Email Campaign to recipients who responded to a previous campaign, users had to visit the EMAIL LISTS section. Here users had to write SQL in the Advanced Query Editor to […]

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