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Monthly Archives: April 2010

New Feature: Reset statistics for a Transactional Email Group

You now have the option to reset the statistics for any Transactional Group to all zeroes. This won’t delete any of the data behind the statistics, but will just start counting all unsubscribes, bounces, opens, clicks, and complaints from zero again. So, you can still see all of the email address that unsubscribed, bounced, opened, […]

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How to use the ASP.Net script file to integrate your web database with JangoMail

If your organization’s web site and database platform is ASP.Net and SQL Server, JangoMail provides a file (w_5.aspx) which you may place on your web server, which allows JangoMail to pull email list data in real-time from your database, as well as update your database with recipient actions, like unsubscribes, bounces, opens, and clicks. The […]

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How to write a custom web server script for JangoMail integration

JangoMail was one of the first and is one of the only email marketing service providers that can connect to a customer’s web site database in real-time. Historically, we’ve supported and provided web server script files for 4 different scenarios: Active Server Pages / ODBC Database — w_1.aspActive Server Pages / Microsoft SQL Server — […]

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Three Bug Fixes to SMTP Service

We’ve deployed three bug fixes to JangoMail’s SMTP Server, These three bugs were detected by customers relaying emails with eccentric attributes through the SMTP server. 1. Emails containing MIME boundaries with parentheses will now be properly handled. Previously, emails with parentheses in the MIME boundaries, such as a boundary like: Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”nqp=nb64=()BDXjw0yWx” would […]

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New Feature: FTP your HTML email templates to your account

You can now FTP HTML email template files to, and then choose from these templates to compose an email campaign. FTP to an email template file, such as a .htm or a .html file to Login to using your JangoMail username and password. Command Line FTP Example The above screenshot shows a […]

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